im interested in ur mukuro/leon headcanons tbh


!!!!!!!!!! d ude thanks

okay well they def aren’t a thing, romantically. and she’s probably the first friend-who-is-a-girl-that-i-haven’t-tried-to-hit-on-at-any-point-in-time leon’s ever had? which a lot of people think is weird because it’s leon but neither of them really think anything of it? they officially start talkin to each other thru naegi (because naegi just has this way of gettin people who normally wouldn’t associate with each other to talk) and actually hit it off really well despite their total polar-opposite personalities? mukuro stops leon from makin a goddamn ass of himself half the time while leon tries to encourage mukuro to be more outgoing, it’s that sort of friendship. when leon’s tryin to form a band he recruits mukuro first cause she’s like, “got that whole aloof bass player image down already”, or so he insists 

leon finding her junko wig (she owns a blonde wig even prior to preparing for the whole mutual killing thing bc she’s. curious abt how good she’d look with hair like her sister’s without making the commitment to actually dye it don’t judge her) and putting it on and making a rly shitty junko impression and mukuro TRIES….SO HARD….NOT TO LAUGH but he manages to stifle a chuckle out of her which is more than what most people can accomplish and then leon thrusts the wig at her like “here you try” and she’s nervous at first because The Walls Have Ears and They Belong To My Fucking Sister but she starts getting into it like “hey!! i’m junko enoshima!!! i like to use up all the hot water!!!! i drool in my sleep to this very day!!!” “wait is that second one true” “yes but don’t tell a soul if having four functioning limbs is an experience you want to continue”

but, okay, i’ve got so many AU headcanons and i’m tryin’ to remember them.

first thing i thought of was hogwarts AU so i’ll talk about that. y’know how everyone says hufflepuffs and slytherins are like The BFFs Nobody Saw Coming. Well,

personally i’d say leon’s a slytherin and mukuro’s a hufflepuff and nobody expected them to get sorted into those houses because a) leon’s entire demeanor screams ”gryffindor’s poster boy” and b) mukuro is. mukuro but when you take their driving motives into account it makes sense ok so. also mukuro has lycanthropy because by god, if the dude named remus lupin is a werewolf, the girl with the wolf tattoo on her hand gets to be one too. and leon’s the first to find out, albeit on accident. and he keeps it a secret but can’t help cracking jokes about it every opportunity he gets?? they’re doing patronuses and he’s like “wow! a wolf!! groundbreaking!!!!!" and she just fucking smacks him 

i’m sorry i’ll never shut up about my platonic rarepair

"What if you could use 100% of your brain for cognitive abilities? What kind of secret powers could you unlock?"


List of secret powers unlocked:

  • loss of motor functions
  • loss of bowel control
  • loss of all senses
  • loss of temperature control
  • loss of relation to any physical spaces
  • loss of heartbeat control
  • death

Lucy, in theaters this Friday.

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fucking watch this

how real is this

this was my tag and i got 21 messages telling me to watch it - you need to watch this

oh my god


I want a girl who gets up early.
I want a girl who stays up late.
I want a girl with uninterrupted prosperity
Who uses a machete to cut through red tape
With fingernails that shine like justice,
And a voice that is dark like tinted glass.

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Pesky orphans!


Oh boy. Oh boy. Don’t you love rereading and finding a quality moment of foreshadowing and/or irony that you totally missed the first time around?

The fact that he says that in response to her, of all people. And then he does hesitate. 







A Glasgow nightclub has installed a two-way mirror which allows male revellers in private booths to spy on unsuspecting women as they visit the toilet! With no notification or signage anywhere in the venue many female club goers have been left feeling embarrassed and used. Although they do briefly show the mirrors in a promo video, the club has been quickly deleting comments and posts on their social media from club goers trying to alert others to the situation. This is pretty much illegal and hugley violates privacy. Thank you The Shimmy Club for giving us a shiny, new, creative and cool take on objectification.
article here

i’m never leaving my house again, this world is just too fucked up.

Good morning disgusting.

Remember ladies:

  • “No space, leave the place” (fingernail test)
  • A two way mirror must be set INTO the wall, not placed on top of it.
  • If you rap/knock against the mirror, one installed onto a wall (a normal mirror) will make a dull sound, because there’s something behind it. A two-way will have more reverberation.
  • Use the flashlight on your phone to shine on the mirror, if it’s a two-way, you’ll be able to see into the other room.
  • You can also shield your eyes and see in if you lean up against the glass.
  • The room being viewed will have to be brightly lit (10x brighter than the room looking in), so if you’re in a typical dimly lit club bathroom, you’re ok.

They have this in Continental Midtown in Philly, it’s fucking creepy and not cool at all

the most obvious solution i can think of is to break that motherfucker. what are they going to do? sue you for breaking something they shouldnt have had?

Hey, fellas. You ever feel like you have to check if you’re standing in front of a two-way mirror? Women do.

Please take note that the fingernail test is fake as different regular mirrors sometimes have different properties, but the rest of the checklist is all true


Drew this cutie before bed.

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retired astronaut 


A remake of George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four” that follows the plot and tone of the book exactly, but plays Bowling for Soup’s “1985” over the credits, leaving the audience baffled and wondering if it was supposed to imply a forthcoming, really inappropriate, sequel. 


Cool Jesus at Chicago pride


Imagine if the series had ended right after this moment.