yeah so i  was playing grief syndrome earlier and i wanted to do  a pixel like ones in that and ? ? ? ? ?  i have a thing for meguca syo so 

ignore those awful excuse for scissors in her hand i got  so tired

67 layers and took about 7 hours, the lesson being, don’t even do stuff like this ever it drives you mad


witches are a stain on this world
and must be cleansed from it

45 minute really, fast drawing of magical , boy, ishimaru, just to post the design i made a while ago, haha idrc about the anatomy/shading/anything tbh (especially the background) i wasnt even gonna post this publicly

i know by rule his gem should probably be blue but 

also it was hard to decide if he would have staffs or whips so i kinda just went with a route of ‘you could probably use those for both’ its magic who cares


dangan ronpa au where Chihiro is a Digimon Tamer and her partner is an orange MachGaogamon named Mondo and a friendly DigiGnome called Ishi resides inside her D-Arc and gives the two of them advice and chastises them when they break rules



hagakure has no idea what is happened

his soul gem got lost in his hair

design vaguely based off  a dress i jokingly suggested earlier


despair princess


there comes a point where i just forget how to draw everything

during the talk earlier about dangan magica we came up with the idea that celes’s magic stuff is related to chance games bc yknow

she never loses


i believe you will understand the reference without explanatio n


rich kids and swordplay

(reallllllyyy rough/fast sketch of  magical boy togami just„, to show his basic design but i’ll probably do a better picture and change the sword designs soon … dont count on the ‘soon’ part)


ive come to the conclusion that while i can’t draw mondo i have a lot of fun doing it … and that his magical dude outfit doesn’t differ that much from his normal one

also look who it  is


chihiro’s wish would probably be to become stronger so she can protect her friends



It’s hard to find someone to hold your hand,

And now it’s gonna be tough on me,

But I will wait forever.


addiction to lazier coloring



if you have ever taken me seriously as a person in the past i would like to offer you a refund


more bad phone pix of meguca touko in boring poses