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Is This All There Is? from FunkCandy on 8tracks Radio.

Is This All There Is?  (A fanmix for Sayaka Miki’s descent)

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» Miss You / Trentemoller
"i'm not needed anymore."
» Hounds of Love / Kate Bush
i've always been a coward
and i don't know what's good for me. 
» Almost Human / Voltaire
i'm just like you
made by he
despised by they
i'm almost me 
» Demons / Imagine Dragon
no matter what we breed
we still are made of greed
this is my kingdom come
this is my kingdom come  
» People II: The Reckoning / Andrew Jackson Jihad
i've tried to know which words to sing so many times
i tried to know which cord to play
and i tried to make it rhyme
» Black Rose/Green Sun / Homestuck
"i've been such a fool."
» Blue Lips / Regina Spektor
blue lips
blue veins
blue, the color of our planet from far far away
blue, the most human color
» River Flows In You / Lindsey Stirling
"there's no way i could regret this."


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さやか by ちび丸