2014wsc Pachirisu by Dpik

シェイミ2シェイミ | 239

シェイミン | CH₃

ホワイト勝ち組過ぎ泣いた | sikei@はーぴー!!!

Regigigas by BitBallet

Artist Comment

"Regigigas was apparently worshiped at one time, alongside the other three, by ancient people. Due to it being so powerful, Regigigas was sealed away in the basement of the Snowpoint Temple, while the ones it created were spirited to the far-off Hoenn region and locked away in three stone structures, which were then sealed themselves."

Well, heres a small, horrid piece of art that might look like something from that period of concealing the great golems.

すたーことねー | ノリナ



☆彡 | hhn

R Want You by ~Amano-G


ラクガキ | bisu

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ジムリコス絵&落書き&ついったアイコン集 | ばあちゃむ