hey megucas let’s talk about hitomi

her crush is in the hospital and fuck knows when he’s going to get out

but she’s got her two best friends with her and she’s happy

then all of a sudden everything goes to shit

her two best friends only want to hang out with this older girl that she’s pretty sure they never talked to before

and she has no idea why

they don’t even eat lunch with her because they’re too busy being obsessed with this stranger

and it’s been going on for days and she’s wondering if this is going to be how it is forever and if she’s been friend-dumped

but then suddenly her crush just magically gets better and he can persue his dreams again and madoka and sayaka don’t say a thing about the older girl much less go looking for her at lunch and they do look a little sad but she thinks well maybe things are gonna turn around

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幸せの定義とは by 瑞希


> team madoka: ascend

> kuma: waste a good hour of time


You can never stay mad at Hitomi. She is a true friend.