moving up to higher ground
(a fanmix for homura akemi  art credit)

bonus track ???  it’s astounding

time after time cyndi lauper  when you fall i will catch you, i’ll be waiting, time after time

leave my body florence + the machine i don’t want your future, i don’t need no past, one bright moment is all i ask

music box regina spektor i close my eyes and think that i have found me, but then i feel mortality surround me

game ayumi hamasaki  i had made this game a little longer than usual, no problem, i’ll be able to find another one

state hospital frightened rabbit*  a screaming anchor for nothing particular

be here now ray lamontagne  don’t let your heart get heavy, there’s a strength that lies inside

this is war ingrid michaelson  you lock me out, you knock me down, but i will turn myself around

signed curtain matching mole  this is the second verse, but it could be the last verse

dead hearts stars  i could say it but you won’t believe me

eet regina spektor  you can’t remember; you try to move your feet

* this song has some heavy themes of abuse (which is not why i chose it). you get two skips per mix so save one for this if you need to.

魔法少女描いてみた |

魔法少女描いてみた |



コミ1ゲスト | 穂里みきね

まどマギ詰合わせ | トリ

ままま | ichi

私はあなたの影よまどか | 赤メガ@修行中

ほむら★ | joscomie


らくがきログ | おぎ

らくがきログ | おぎ

らくがきログ | おぎ

らくがきログ | おぎ